The Fish Walker by Redd Prime

October 23, 2010


“This Guy is a professional fish walker. Goldfish get extremely stressed out from swimming around in a round bowl all day and seeing sunken ships and random divers in their tanks. The Walker saw this problem and decided to give fishwalking a go, armed with the leash and a bucket of water just in case the fish gets too dry.” says customizer Mitchell Horn aka Redd Prime

Awesome custom to say the least, this Fish Walker by Redd Prime is going for US$115. If you’re feeling it, hit him up direct. Check out more images of the custom after the jump.

One Response to The Fish Walker by Redd Prime

  1. mitch horn says:

    Thanx for featuring the custom, I had no idea it was up here.
    This custom and many more from myself (Reddprime) now for sale on

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