Parisian Street Artist Wins $100,000

October 23, 2010


JR, a 27-year-old Parisian man, has just won a $100,000 TED humanitarian award for installing some of the world’s most forgotten slums with his haunting large-scale photographs. JR captures the faces of people who live in poverty and displays the images on rooftops or walls of buildings, homes, subways, and homes for the masses to embrace. A well deserved award for an inspirational person who has an endless passion for shining light on the struggles on human life.

“I go to local communities, forgotten communities or antagonistic communities, and try to energize them and bring them together and make them think, through the medium of art. I would want my ‘wish’ to be something like that, but on a global scale,” JR told the U.K. Independent.

Hit the jump to view some of his work that got him the prize.

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