Neighborhood Fall/Winter ’10 ‘Booze Mug and Incense Chamber’

October 23, 2010


For F/W 2010, Japanese label Neighborhood are releasing these really nicely crafted ceramic based Booze Mug and Incense Chamber. The Booze P-Incense Chamber is a unique take on the classic incense box, fusing the skulls and gothic icons of biker culture with traditional Asian blue and white ceramics. Whats even cooler is that the incense smoke comes out of all four skulls eyes and noses. Over time, it will definitely give the box more character as the smoke stains build up. The Booze P-Cup features the same style, with the hinged skull on the front rocking back and forth every time you take a sip. How cool is that? If you are in need of some dope accessories to pimp your daily routine up, this NBHD set will do the job. Hit the jump to view more images of the drop.

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