Marvel Super Heroes x TRON: Legacy

October 20, 2010


When we saw these Tron x Marvel pieces, we were blown away by this major collaborative effort. In conjunction with the promotions of the highly anticipated sci-fi movie, TRON: LEGACY, Marvel has announced that upcoming comic book covers will feature “TRON-ified” superheroes. Gracing the variant covers are selected Marvel comic superheroes such as Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and more. These will sure keep us on our toes when they drop. Hit the jump for more details about the various covers that will be Tron-ified and images of them.

The issues featuring TRON variants, and spotlighted characters, are as follows:

* Amazing Spider-Man #651 TRON Variant, featuring Spider-Man
* Avengers #7 TRON Variant. featuring Spider-Woman
* Avengers Academy #7 TRON Variant, featuring Quicksilver
* Captain America #612 TRON Variant, featuring Captain America
* Incredible Hulks #618 TRON Variant, featuring Ghost Rider
* Invincible Iron Man #33 TRON Variant, featuring Iron Man
* New Avengers #7 TRON Variant, featuring Ms. Marvel
* Secret Avengers #7 TRON Variant, featuring Moon Knight
* Thor #617 TRON Variant, featuring Thor
* Wolverine #4 TRON Variant, featuring Wolverine

The comics will go on sale between November to December, so be sure to ask you local comic supplier for more details.
TRON: LEGACY will be hitting cinemas worldwide in December 2010. WATCH OUT!

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