World’s Most Expensive Cheese Sandwich Costs £111

September 11, 2010


When I first saw £111… I thought to myself, “these guys must’ve got the numbers wrong of something…It must be like £11″. But as i read about it more, it was actually over £100 for this sandwich. I know this is a pretty random topic to bring up at our site, but i just couldn’t help but share this “amazing” news with everyone. GOD! I still can’t fathom paying £111 for a sandwich. I already complain about how expensive the sandwiches are at 7 Eleven, but this is NEXT LEVEL! Apparently this sandwich was created by celebrity chef Martin Blunos who dressed it with 100-year-old balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive, layered cheese, slices of quail’s egg, heirloom black tomato, epicure apple and fresh figs, and £5 sourdough bread. Plus the snack is served with gold dust and £92 worth of truffles…. GOLD DUST?

This is what TV chef Martin Blunos said about his creation:
“We Brits are known to love our cheese sandwiches, and here’s one that not only comes with a royal price tag but is fit for the banqueting table. The white truffle fuses beautifully with the West Country Farmhouse Cheddar and the edible gold leaf gives it a really special look.”

This shit better taste good!

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