VICE presents made2share – A Photographic Exhibition

September 17, 2010


VICE Magazine and Bonds recently hosted an exhibition at East Sydney’s Luxe Studios to celebrate the launch of the new Bonds unisex range, made2share. Girl/Guy duos across the fields of music, fashion, art, photography and film, photographed one another in the same, shared outfits. The outcome was twelve amazing portraits of siblings, friends, partners as well as husbands & wives. Hit the jump for more details, videos and images.

The Artists
Alex Cleary & Georgie Cleary
Ben Briand & Brenda Harvey
Chris Hill & Stephanie Downey
Daniel Boud & Cybele Malinowski
Pat Foster & Jen Berean
Tim Harvey & Lani Sommer

The Unisexuals
Stephen Tanos
Grace Stewart
Morgan Choice
David Denis
Renee Ritchie

The Metals, Illusive and Aloha Music
(Track is Drop Your Guard by Metals)

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