Stone Island Liquid Reflective Jacket Video

September 30, 2010

Out of all the outwear releases I have come across in the past months, this Stone Island Liquid Reflective Jacket has got to be one of the most innovative releases to date. I’m not saying it because its reflective, but because every drop that comes out of the SI camp is ahead of their time in terms of design and production value. Take this reflective jacket for instance, thousands of micro balls have been added to the fabric for transparency, making it able to reflect all light against the surface. They also use a hand spraying technique finished into the garments and then oven dried, giving it an uneven liquid effect in the fabric. The result of this process is a jacket that is not only amazing to wear, but great to watch as it morphs in different kinds of light. Now you tell me if this is not something to give props to. This is crazy! Thumbs up from Fat Kids. Can’t wait to see it in real life.

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