Ryohei Yoshiyuki “Time of the Sky” Watch

September 7, 2010


The Japanese never fail to impress us with their creations and the latest one comes from designer Ryohei Yoshiyuki called ‘Time of the Sky’. It is a watch that is programmed to tell the time with different colors of the sky. Plus there is a function where the sun and moon displays come up on the sky window… this is some mind blowing innovation right here.
Hit the jump to view more images of the watch and also numerous variations of sky colors which appear on the watch corresponding to the time of day.

2 Responses to Ryohei Yoshiyuki “Time of the Sky” Watch

  1. Kwando says:

    Wow, this makes looking out the window completely redundant.

  2. Jigglesworth says:

    “What’s the time?” Better check my handy dandy SKYWATCH!

    Uh… I can’t read this damn thing.

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