Movie Review: La Femme Nikita

September 6, 2010


If you feel a sense of deja vu i don’t blame you because this week’s film review is also by Luc Besson who bought us Leon: The Professional which was reviewed a few weeks back. This film was made in 1990, four years before Leon: The Professional yet it has all the same stylings of a Luc Besson film. La Femme Nikita is about a troubled teen who is sentenced to death, and wakes up in a government facility only to be trained as an assassin, which she finds hard balancing between her new life.

This story is about drug addicted and troubled teen Nikita who kills a police officer in a robbery gone wrong, got caught and was then sentenced to death. But behind prison walls she wakes up very much alive and finds out that she had 2 choices, die for real or serve the government. After 3 years of martial arts, weapons, and etiquette training, Nikita was reborn as Josephine, a sexy, sophisticated assassin, released back into normal society. She then falls in love with a man and tries to balance her feelings of love with her under cover profession.


Even though this film precedes Leon by four years, the style is very much the same when it comes to cinematography. It features a lot of wide angle shots that captures the emotion and atmosphere very well… which is also pretty common amongst European films. In Nikita you will see lots of wide shots that demand attention and intensifies key scenes.


The music, score and sound effects are well used and placed in the film. Especially during climax’s, the sound department managed to accentuate them with minimal SFX and foley. On the other hand, during Nikita’s missions, they incorporate bass filled industrial music to suit the tempo of the visuals. Definitely a well matched combination.


The other characters like her boyfriend Marco and Bob her handler play a very minor role in the film compared to Nikita. Clearly, the movie is about her life and struggle to cope with the what she stumbled into… from being controlled by drug to being controlled by the government. Having said that, one interesting character to look out for during the movie is “The Cleaner” played by Jean Reno. It is this role that inspired Luc Besson to make Leon: The Professional starring Jean Reno.


As the film progresses, we get to see how Nikita enjoys her life and the missions she goes on. But as time passes and her experience grew, the operations became more dangerous and we also see the side effects it has on her life… especially the relationship with her boyfriend.


This is an exceptional film and highly recommended. If it wasn’t that good, they would not have remade it in America, and Hong Kong, and produced a five season television show based on it as well. Not only that, there is series being made this year too… so be on the look out for that.

Watch the trailer below:

A good film for both girls and boys and a must have for any collector who are into classics action/drama film.
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words by Kevin Monster

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