Movie Review: Ju-on: White Ghost & Ju-on: Black Ghost

September 22, 2010


Eastern Eye is a division of Madman Entertainment which specializes in Asian films. This time around they bring us a similar movie to the Grudge, one about a white ghost and the other a black. Both of which are not related to the original.

It has been 10 years since the original Grudge series were released in Japan, even America re-made the series and recently the original creator decided to release two new Grudge films called the White and Black Ghost. The concepts are very similar to the original, when a person(s) dies in a fit or rage, they leave an area cursed and those who pass it will be cursed as well.


In Ju-on: White Ghost, a teenage girl named Akane has visions of a young schoolgirl in a yellow hat and satchel similar to one her childhood friend used to wear. As the story develops, we find out that a law student, having failed the bar exam, murdered his family, (including Akane’s friend)┬ábefore hanging himself from a tree in the forest. He recorded everything on a tape recorder and leaves the house cursed.


Ju-on: Black Ghost is linked to a certain degree but involves Fukie, a girl who is suspected of having a cyst in her stomach. Upon further investigation, the nurse looking after her discovers that the cyst is actually an unborn twin. In fact it as the grudge of the unborn child. With Fukie’s health deteriorating, Yuko resorts to desperate measures to save her patient’s life.


Both films have the same short story format which is told from the perspective of each individual who are linked via curse. The style of the film is very different to what we have seen in the past as the makers decided to use a cleaner lens. Resulting in a sharper more refined visual experience with less grit. The Visual FX used in both films were not extraordinarily believable but did the job to a certain degree.


The music/score for both films are exactly the same. Having them consistent is a good thing because it works well in establishing an atmosphere and creating consistency in both series. The low creepy bass and haunting score definitely did the job in scaring me. Even though i was expecting a scare it made it even scarier.


This movie was average, but more importantly, the makers of this film were able to make it scary with a very limited storyline. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good scare and is a fan of Japanese horror. You can get your copy here at Madman Entertainment


words by Kevin Monster

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