Mighty Healthy x etnies Plus 2011 Spring Collection

September 9, 2010

Photography: Hypebeast

I have been meaning to share this post with everyone 2 days ago but it keeps getting pushed back… finally today we get to publish it. etnies Plus and Mighty Healthy came together to drop a collection of sneakers, which i am sure everyone will like. The Califas boot and Guild low are 2 sneakers featuring premium materials with simple lines. We will let Ray Mate tell you all about it:

“European cities like Milan and Paris are well known for their distinctive style, unique culture, and world-renowned designers. When I think of New York, obviously architecture comes to mind, but also the inspiration and fashion found throughout the city. Here, some clothing brands and labels become brands simply through lifestyle. No one cares about brand names; their names are the brands. In order to reflect both etnies Plus and Mighty Healthy, we created a pack of shoes with two different purposes in mind. The “Califas” boot is designed for harsh Winters, whereas the low top “Guild” takes a more dress-inspired approach. Each style has it’s own personality, which can be dressed up or down, depending on individual style.”

Hit the jump to view more detailed images of this release.

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