Atari Wall Decals

September 15, 2010


These Atari wall decals sure bring back heaps of memories from my childhood. ThinkGeek are offering Pong, Asteroids, Centipede wall decals to pimp your room up. These are dope. Check out more details and images after the jump.

* Asteroids
o 65 Re-stickable decals
o Various size asteroids, ships, explosions, lasers and text
o 4″ to 20″ in diameter
o Black on clear
* Centipede
o 97 Re-stickable decals
o 4″ Centipede segments
o Various sized mushrooms
o Various gameplay and text decals
* Pong
o 50 vinyl decals
o 30 2″ high center decals
o 10 12″ high numbers
o 4 6″ paddles
o Not designed to be movable once placed

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