The History of Oakley by Staple Design (EyeShield, Radar, Razor Blade & Switchlock)

August 2, 2010


Here is a look at the entire Oakley x STPL collab thus far. 4 models have been used as part of this project, EyeShield, Radar, Razor Blade & the Switchlock. Lets start with the Eyeshield, it is the first ever sunglass produced by Oakley and STPL have re-designed it with “tennis ball fuzz”, adjustable ear pieces and 2 interchangeable lens, a Emerald Iridium laser-etched with tennis court inspired lines and a Grey Iridium lens. Only 150 pieces of these are available worldwide. The Radar on the other hand is a more recent release from Oakley which STPL re-designed with golf inspired graphics and Yellow lens. Following closely behind is the Razorblade, which was first released in 1987. STPL gave it an ocean splash design, with each frame being handpainted in California, whereas the Switchlock model, comes in a white colorway, with the typical multicolor stripe cycling design on the arms.
And of course, all will be available at Staple Designs’ retail location, Reed Space.
Hit the jump to view more detailed images of the STPL x Oakley Collection.

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  1. I need one sun glass,uv protector,changeable, blue colour glass & fitted with other accessaries.

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