Pawl and Clawd by Map-Map

August 22, 2010


This is an interesting custom of Course’s JAWS figure by Map-Map called Pawl and Clawd. Here is a little story from the creators about it:
“I mean Pawl & Clawd have been enjoying their symbiotic life for so long and in these later years they have so many stories to tell!
The time they leaped over that chasm to escape the teeth of a giant Gawdor only for Clawd to lean back and plunge the duo to their most probable doom. Or the days where the pair could barely move because Clawd sniffed a passing poisonous pawpaw tree. And funny times spent fighting in bars because a certain creature with a fin threw a pint into the face of a rather large mammal two table down who supposedly was way too loud for his own good. Oh and only last week Clawd twisted round to see a rather attractive women passing by and put Paul’s neck out for a month or two. Yep, they’ve had some good times together.”
Interesting indeed.

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