Movie Review: Kamui

August 29, 2010


Once a powerful ninja, Kamui escapes from his violent and murderous ways, and his travels bring him to a peaceful fishing village where he is taught how to live the quiet life by a humble fisherman by the name of Hanbei who shares the former ninja’s sense of honour and they become good friends. Though Hanbei’s wife is wary of the stranger, and life at the seaside seems idyllic, Kamui doesn’t get to enjoy the peace for very long as his past came knocking on his door.

Yet again Madman Entertainment’s Eastern Eye division, which specializes in Asian cinema, have bought us an awesome action flick from japan for us to check out. At first glance Kamui seems like a very dark movie, but don’t let the DVD cover deceive you, because the action / fight scenes play a very small part in this film as its main focus is on the main characters journey to finding happiness, love, redemption, his feelings of betrayal, and love for his family.


Kamui is based on a famous manga made in 1967 about a boy who was born in a poor village and embarks on a journey to become stronger by being a ninja.

The movie does well by giving the audience an introduction of Kamui’s life through the use of a narration and screen-shots of the original manga. The purpose is to catch the audience up on the story at hand without making the movie any longer or making a whole new movie about Kamui’s past.


After giving the audience the back story of Kamui’s past it goes straight to the action of him fleeing from his ninja clan and being pursued, it is after this ordeal that he crosses paths with a fisherman by the name of Hanbei how is wanted by authorities for animal cruelty. Both men get along and Hanbei shows him the simple life Kamui could have without the bloodshed of being a ninja. Things don’t stay quiet for long when a pirate ship turns up at the fishing village.


The fight scenes are well choreographed and is full of violence (that’s how i like it). In many cases it was like a Japanese version of ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ when the characters leaped into the air, ’300′ when close calls are slowed down, a tribute to old school Japanese swordsman movies, and in some cases it was like a live action ‘Naruto’ where the ninja used abilities that were out of this world. Even though the fight sequences were obviously enhanced using CGI and special effects, it made it more entertaining and accentuated the action sequences.


This movie is filmed amazingly with alot of wide angle shots that capture entire fight scenes. It allows the audience to have a good view of the whole environment, which then makes them feel apart of it. I personally like the use of colors with the costumes to identify each character. At first It looked awkward to have so many bright colored elements in such a dark movie, but with strategic placement and use, it blended in very well.

The score, audio and SFX used in the movie were brilliant as it complimented the visuals tremendously well. SFX of Foot steps, breathing, crossing blades and more, made the fight sequences and climax’s work well, plus the score filled the visuals with emotion.


Check out the Kamui official trailer below:

Each element, from the theme, to its story line and characters, makes this film so much more entertaining and was something i really enjoyed watching. This is definitely a highly recommended movie for all Asian Eye fans.

FATKIDS RATING: 7.5 out of 10

You can get your copy here at Madman Entertainment


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