Movie Review: Good Hair

August 23, 2010


In this documentary of comical proportions, produced, written, narrated, and presented by Chris Rock, it takes us into the world of black hair by visiting beauty salons, hair styling battles, scientific laboratories, interviewing iconic black celebrities and even Indian temples to explore the way hairstyles affect the activities, wallets, sexual relationships, and self esteem of the American black community. This is definitely worth a watch to lighten your day up.

Madman Entertainment has done it again by bringing us ‘Good Hair’, a documentary that shows the audience how hair can have a gigantic ripple effect on all aspects of a black person’s life in America (or anywhere around the world for that matter of fact). At first glance we knew it would be a good film to watch until i put it in my DVD player and realized it wasn’t a good film to watch…it was GREAT to watch. Chris Rock puts his own style and flair on this masterpiece that makes it all the more interesting for the viewers to watch as it has interviews with Ice-T, Eve, Salt-N-Pepa, and even iconic comedian Paul Moony.


This films goes above and beyond what was expected of a standard documentary by giving the audience a social commentary, financial reports, interviews with prominent black people, the extent women go through for their hair, an inside look at the industry, and a storyline that follows 4 contestants who are considered the best of the best competing in the sought after hair battle title. What makes this movie was Chris Rock himself. His funny personality combined with his warm nature and social skills made it easy for people to talk about alot more things then they would usually (which was key to this movie).


This film covers all the popular ways of how black women do their hair on a daily basis. For instance using highly dangerous chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, which can damage lungs when breathed in or causes blindness if splashed in your eyes, on scalps and hair. Even Chris Rock demonstrated how dangerous these chemicals were with the help of a chemical scientist (who was shocked to know people actually use sodium hydroxide on their scalp. He also traveled to India to visit temples where people shave their heads, in order to sell their hair for gold.


For a film to just be about hair it is highly informative and the audience will definitely learn a great deal about how hair can affect one’s life. Everyone has this idea that wavy European or Asian hair is more socially accepted than frizzy hair or afros, which isn’t true. The idea of making this documentary was bought about by Chris rock’s five year old daughter who asked him one day, “How come I don’t have good hair?”. He has definitely done well with this film and we truly believe that no other person could have pulled this off better than Chris Rock.


View the official trailer below:

We found this film fun to watch and I believe you guys will enjoy it too, Chris Rock, being himself, made the movie come to life with his persona even though it was only about hair. This is one movie we highly recommend you watch to lighten you day up.


You can get your copy here at Madman Entertainment

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