Movie Review: Five Minutes of Heaven

August 15, 2010


Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt star in this brilliant movie called Five Minutes of Heaven. It is a fictional tale about the effects of violence in the lives of the survivors, the victim that seeks revenge and the killer that seeks redemption and spiritual peace after thirty-three years. Set in both 1975 and the present day, Five Minutes of Heaven is a unique interpretation of what ifs. Refreshingly simple, straight forward and sincere.

Sometimes we tend to take for granted the great films that come from the English, due to the saturation of American films, but thanks to Madman Entertainment, we now have access to great films like this one at our finger tips.


I was attracted to the violent history the film portrayed. Many people tend to forget the horror and bloodshed due to religious conflicts between the Catholics and protestants, which was addressed in the film. Besides that, Liam Neeson did an exquisite job in bringing his character to life and blessing us with his presence on the big screens.


The film starts of with the dramatization of true events that happened in 1975 where 11 year old catholic Joe Griffin (James Nesbitt) witnesses the killing of his brother, by teenage Ulster Volunteer Force member, Alistair Little (Liam Neeson). The film then fast forwards to the present day where it is fictionalized as to what these men would do if they ever met each other again. Both men lead very different lives, but take to their advantage, their harsh childhood by embracing it and living the best they can. Even though the film only goes for 89 minutes, screenwriter Guy Hibbert works his magic to bring us an emotional and dramatic piece with the assistance of Liam and James.


The cinematography is extraordinary as it accentuates the emotions with slow movements and angles. On top of that, the use of minimal or no scores to accompany the visuals at its climax’s make it even better. The SFX used definitely make the movie, for example heavy breathing, and rusty gates squeeks, which help create mood.


Personally, we feel that the best part of the film was the beginning. The amazing set design including the houses, interior decor, fashion, and lifestyle, instantly take us back to 1975 and it is unreal. Watch the trailer below for a glimpse to what to expect:

This is a good movie and we highly recommend you watch it. Its also won 3 awards so you be the judge.

FATKIDS RATING: 8 out of 10

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Reviewed by Kevin Monster

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