Laika Custom Mega Munny by Ardabus Rubber

August 29, 2010


Ardabus Rubber recently did up a massive Munny which was commissioned and dubbed “Laika”. The picture (above) does not do his work any justice i feel, but never the less its something to look at for now. Hit the jump to read about “Laika’s” back story and view more images.

Here is “Laika’s” backstory:
“1957… the space race is well underway… the battle for intergalactic supremacy took hold of the world like a plague. The first manned space flight was planned, but of course testing was required. Instead of using humans, the Russians found a homeless dog, named her “Laika” and sent her into space. She became the first animal to orbit the earth, and subsequently die in space. Her soul is stuck in the aether and materializes itself from time to time, and serves as a reminder to all explorers and adventurers: Christopher Columbus didn’t send a dog to discover America…”

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