John & Yoko Canvas Print by OBEY

August 27, 2010


Check out this print from the OBEY camp dubbed “John & Yoko”. For peace loving fans around the world, these are available now for only $70 and is limited to 450 pieces worldwide. They are 18 x 24″ screen prints are are limited to 1 purchase per person. Also, proceeds from this print goes to Yoko Ono’s Spirit Foundations… so do your part today and cop it. Read what Mr. Fairey has to say about this print after the jump.

John and Yoko have elicited a wide spectrum of emotions, but to me, this image is undeniably uplifting. Yoko Ono has been scapegoated by some as the woman who broke up the Beatles. I disagree, and regardless of my love of the Beatles, I think Lennon did some of his most powerful and brave work as a solo artist with avant-garde artist Yoko Ono as his partner and collaborator. Yoko helped cultivate amazing things with John. The “Bed In” that the two held to discuss their peace advocacy and their WAR IS OVER (if you want it) campaign were courageous and ambitious. John and Yoko were persecuted for their politics, and the U.S. government under Nixon made several attempts to deport Lennon for his outspoken opposition to the Vietnam war. Lennon’s songs from his time with Yoko Ono like Power To The People, Happy X Mas, War is Over, Give Peace A Chance, and Imagine demonstrate a profound reflection on the struggles of humanity.
Yoko Ono continues to be a peace and gay rights activist, artist, author, and philanthropist. She generously gave permission for me to make the painting and poster based on photo by Iain Macmillan . Proceeds from this print go to Yoko Ono’s Spirit Foundations.


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