Carhartt ‘Rain AD Series’ by Roberto Alegria

August 29, 2010


We shall let the photographer himself express his thoughts on his masterpieces… Hit the jump to read and view more images.

“I am a fan of backlighting photography, I have often done pictures with different textures in the background such as the sky, white fabrics etc… One day i realized that i could also do it with a rainy background… The matter was to wait for a stormy / rainy day, I decided not to wait for that day, instead i started to think of different options in order to produce my own rain with an artificial system. When i found the system, i went to give it a first try, it was indoor with running water and it worked perfectly!

When i proposed this project to the Carhartt guys, the first problem that came straight away into our minds was that their is no running water at our shooting locations… so i thought of getting a big water tank and a pump with a generator. We bought everything and started with the first skate sessions. Everything worked out fine even thought bringing rain in sunny Barcelona was not the easiest thing to do!” – Words by Roberto Alegria

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