ADIDAS ‘Light, Shape, Color’ Directed by Matt Irving

August 19, 2010

This is a dope video by Matt irving as part of the Transworld 2010 SKATE & CREATE campaign for Adidas. Word from the director himself:
“I’d wanted to do Skate & Create after seeing the first one. I had ideas for some unique shots and different angles. We didn’t want to follow a strict narrative. We wanted it to be more abstract—less of a plot and more about finding new ways to show skating. But, it still had to feel cohesive throughout the film. We really wanted our team to be involved in the creative process. One of the first things we did once we got in the warehouse was build Tech Deck-sized models of the obstacles so that the team riders could move stuff around easily and not be stifled by lugging around the real obstacles. Creatively, it’s natural to dive in headstrong, focus on your ideas, pull back and then learn from that experience. By the time you finish, you’re exhausted and over it. But you’re always your own worst critic. From the viewers’ point of view, it might look easy to do S&C, but once you’ve gone through it—worked through all the kinks—you know it’s gnarly.”
Hats off to Matt and his team for putting this amazing video together! 10 thumbs up from Fat Kids. You have to check out the video above!

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