SUPER Fall 2010 Collection Highlights

July 30, 2010


Super’s are dope and here is a highlight of their Fall 2010 collection. Hit the jump to read more about this release and view more images.

Super’s Fall 2010 collection integrates and closes a route that Super has embraced as its release strategy ever since the beginning. The new pieces complete the Super catalog, which now hits a wide range of consumers and stores, yet keeping it cool and cutting edge.
All of the new packs we are introducing to our catalog are conceived and designed to fully satisfy a variety of aimed markets. Whether it be a basic piece with a lower cost; or an elaborately constructed piece of eyewear using a specific selection of material, and therefore resulting in a higher price range. What they all have in common is the high quality, research of style and authenticity that each and every single piece of the collection share.
Super is well known for creating quality products for the most reasonable price possible, this is one of the principle reasons we decided to make eyeglasses, the other, for them to be endorsed by a vast and different kind of people that appreciates our continuous evolution of quality. Enjoy.

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