New Era Snapback Caps – European Flagship Exclusives

July 26, 2010


I Just jizzed in my pants when i found out about this…
New Era Cap announced their upcoming release of a new snapback series, exclusive to their flagship stores in London, Birmingham and Berlin. “An innovative twist on the classic New Era fitted silhouette, the colourful collection of 18 snapbacks features contrast visors and heavy embroidery in a range of authentic NBA teams through to NHL and Hardwood Classics.” They have begun releasing this series so be sure to cop em’ all as they come out. For those who are not from the European continents, unfortunately they are only available in the European flagship stores, but if you have friends from around that way, hit them up quick!
Check out the full New Era Snapback collection after the jump… it will blow your mind!

2 Responses to New Era Snapback Caps – European Flagship Exclusives

  1. i wont these caps i tryd to get them of facebook but the surevay woldnt work so can i get them from here

  2. i wont this but it didnt work can i get from here pls?

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