A Tribe Called Quest Ticket Giveaway! (Melbourne)

July 16, 2010


Our special friends at Niche Productions were kind enough to give us one double pass ticket to the ATCQ Melbourne show to be given away to one of our viewers.

All you have to do is tell us why you deserve to win this double pass for you and a friend in one paragraph or less. The most creative and original comment will earn you points. (Drop a comment on this post below or email iamafatkid@gmail.com)

Competition ends on Thursday 5th of August 2010 at 6pm (Melbourne, Australia – Local time)

Hit the jump for show details!

For the first time ever in the Southern Hemisphere, Niche Productions, Peace Music and TrentSlingshot are proud to present the eminent A Tribe Called Quest, featuring all the original members, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album, ‘People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm’ with a select number of shows worldwide, including Sydney on August 11 and Melbourne on August 12.

Having rarely played together over the past 12 years, A Tribe Called Quest will be hitting our shores with all the original members to make hip-hop history as they play their first ever Australian shows. These select shows will be an absolute must for all hip-hop fans as we witness one of the most respected and charismatic acts in the world performing in what is sure to be the shows everyone is talking about for years to come.
A TRIBE CALLED QUEST with special guest support Maseo (De La Soul)
and more to be announced.

Thursday 12 August – Festival Hall, Melbourne (all ages)
www.ticketmaster.com.au 136 100


12 Responses to A Tribe Called Quest Ticket Giveaway! (Melbourne)

  1. tharindu says:

    because i’m a poor tightass who will probably never get to see these guys again in my life. my mates are pretty poor too.

  2. dspayre says:

    I need to win these tickets and attend the show, to maintain the number of real heads there. Or else it risks being over run by hipsters and scenesters.

  3. JJ says:

    I have grown up listening to their music and now that I am older I have a chance to go see them but I’m broke. I desperately want to see them and afraid I’m going to miss my chance at a once in a lifetime opportunity to see my favourtie group. Please, please hook us up!!!

  4. TheRoyalAcee says:

    They were one of my major influences in terms of style of music and personality. As one of my major influences, it has also impacted on my lifestyle and my views on certain subject matters. Seeing them live after all these years of following them as a fan and a mentor in some aspects of life will be an amazing and life changing experience for me. So please Fat Kids, change my life!

  5. lachi says:

    coz I left my wallet in El Segundo….

  6. flipp says:

    because i think me and Caitlin are the only people i know who havent got tickets… even my boss is going :(

  7. Mel says:

    because I am fatter than you!

  8. 1amRad says:

    The tribe called quest but maseo picked up by mistake and said hey how are you doing, sorry you can’t get thru. Leave your name and your number and the fat kids will give the tickets over to you…!

  9. TimC says:

    They are one of the greatest, if not the greatest hip-hop acts of all time and more importantly one of my most favorite. I could not think of many things better than seeing the original crew + Maseo + more live in Melbourne. Hairs stand on the back of my neck thinking about it…
    If I was a religious man I would pray to my God/s, but because I’m not I’m appealing, no, begging to the Fat Kid in you to send the double pass my way.
    Would be an amazing show, plus I could take my best mate for his B’day which is 31st of July, otherwise I’m too broke to get him anything more than a cask of Fruity Lexia, a bottle of Home Brand O.J and some pirated hip-hop.
    Please stop this atrocity from happening O Mighty Fat Kids!!

  10. Jacky Han says:

    I deserve the tickets because I love hip hop. As a true hip hop dancer, I always feel the music from my body to soul. And there is nothing more soulful than going to these hip hop genious’s concert. My soul will be blessed!

  11. Tommy Sauce says:

    ‘Cause i can kick it!

  12. Michael says:

    This is about as last minute as it gets!!! I would love to go and take a mate along who’s had a rough time lately. It would lift both our spirits and be hugely appreciated. Not a very creative response, just real. Peace

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