Movie Review : Youssou Ndour – I Bring What I Love

June 15, 2010


Title: Youssou Ndour : I Bring What I Love
Genre: Bio
Director: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
Format: Documentary
Length: 96mins

Youssou Ndour, I Bring What I Love, is an in depth documentary about African pop sensation Youssou Ndour. The film reveals both Youssou successes and struggles throughout his 20 year career and his powerful messages of peace and unity which earnt him the title ‘The Voice of Africa’. From the get go, you can’t help but fall into the mindset of Youssou Ndour… his strength and character promotes positivity and a love for all walks of life.


The documentary follows Youssou at the height of his career and especially his frustrations with the negativity cast upon the traditional Muslim religion. His outlet was an album titled ‘Egypt’. ‘Egypt’ addressed the many of these negative sentiments and caused quite a bit of controversy in his homeland whilst doing so. What really amazed me was Youssou’s constant open-mindedness and strength in what he was portraying, whilst being ridiculed by many of his peers. Despite being strongly religious Youssou manages to spread love to all mankind, regardless of their religion or life choice.


Being non religious myself, (although it didn’t sway me) the film really gave me a sense of equal respect for all religions. Going to war over our personal or community differences is not the answer, truly understanding and respecting one another is what will bring peace to the world.


I Bring What I Love, is definitely worth checking out if you are in need of cultural enlightenment.

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