The Grand Luminarian of the Candelabra by Fplus

June 30, 2010


I do not know where to begin with this custom.. it has literally blown me away. Fplus definitely did an uber amazing job at customizing this munny. It is currently on display at The Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland and is available for sale. So if you are interested, hit him up. In the mean time read more about this custom and view more detailed images after the jump. 10 thumbs up from Fat Kids.

“The Grand Luminarian is a warrior of epic proportions. Forged from the flames of hundreds of battles, only the truly gifted are given the rank of Luminarian, and only then, are the heros given the standard of “Grand Luminarian”. With armor sculpted from majik marble and gold, wings made of brilliant swords, and a head adorned with the most powerful candles of enchantment, a Grand luminarian not only fights like he is blessed with invulnerability, but also casts an aura of light that enhances all his nearby allies abilities and offers various protections against opposing majiks. It has often been rumored, that to slay a Luminarian, is to dispatch a God itself.”

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