Sky Observers Set (Burnt Orange) by Cris Rose

June 26, 2010

Sky Observers Set (Burnt Orange)

Cris rose recently customized a new set of toys called Sky Observers. Using a 3″ Dunny and 4″ Munny as his canvas, he re-creates a limited set of 3 Burnt Orange Sky Observers which are hybrid vinyl / resin made. I have to say these are amazing. Cop both “Observation Drone Mk2″ and “Clear Vision Mk2″ while stocks last.
Hit the jump to read more about the idea and story behind the Sky Observers.


One of the myriad of upgrades available for the Observation Drones and Clear Vision was the “Sky High” package. For a nominal fee, a lightweight but exceptionally powerful booster/glider package could be attached to a standard unit to enable a better view at short notice. Given their inherent lack of aerodynamics, flights of extended duration and control were nothing more than wishful thinking – but if the subject being studied was one prone to unpredictable skyward vectors, limited fly …aaaaand glide capability could make all the difference.

All later units were flown remotely, but early units were fully autonomous and launched themselves, at their own discretion, depending on the subject they were observing – but it soon became apparently that their flight patterns were erratic at best and downright unpredictable most of the time. Studies by the Epoch Foundation conclusively proved that even with their exceptionally limited AI, they too were suffering from fractured programming that could only be explained, in this case, as… boredom? It was concluded that only reason the ground-based units had never developed this mutation was that they never had their metaphorical finger on the trigger of 10,000lbs of thrust.

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