Six Pack France presents Fire Walk With Me Mix Digipack by Jean Nipon

June 5, 2010


Sixpack France recently came together with Jean Nipon to release this 60min mix called “Fire Walk With Me”. They are limited to only 500 digipacks and i love the artwork by Jonathan Zawada. Thumbs up from Fat Kids. Hit the jump to read and see more images of the release.

“Fire Walk With Me’s tracklisting is not eclectic for eclecticism’s sake. It’s not eclectic and versatile just to show off the oh so wonderful taste of its creator. Jean Nipon isn’t the kind of guy who needs this. What he wants is totally different and free-spirited : simply enriching and enhancing the rare idea of highway romance through damaged sound flashes. Getting deeper into those lost, unreal, impossible love feelings generated by long road trips into melancholy-drenched motorized souls.”

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