SEEN ‘Please Enjoy’ Limited Edition Book & Plexiglass Tag

June 2, 2010


This is an amazing release as part of Seen’s ‘Please Enjoy’ exhibition, he releases a 96 page HARD COVER collectible book for all Seen fans for only 25Euros. This 17x21cm book is a limited release of 500 copies world wide. Not only that, Seen is also releasing a special limited edition plexiglass tag for 100 lucky graf fans to hang on their walls. Each 42cm x 26cm piece is numbered and available for 50Euros.
Hit the jump to view more images of this collectible release.

One Response to SEEN ‘Please Enjoy’ Limited Edition Book & Plexiglass Tag

  1. ramieo says:

    are the best graffiti I meet cool your graffiti I try to be like you

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