Roberu Olympus Camera Strap

June 23, 2010


Roberu recently developed a retro looking carrying case and strap for all Olympus camera users. I really like this, not only because of its retro looks, but you have a choice between leather or rope straps. I must say Roberu’s simple design and concept has been executed very well. Thumbs up from Fat Kids. Hit the jump to view more images.

3 Responses to Roberu Olympus Camera Strap

  1. Kent says:

    hey my wife just sent your me your website
    ( and I absolutely loved it. Do you know how can I get hold of this product? I’ve searched a lot and mostly in Japan, they do not sent it internationally. I’m currently living with my wive in London, i hope you can help

  2. Benny Boo Just Doin' The Doo says:

    Hey Kent..
    thanks for writing to us… I love the this camera strap as well, but unfortunately its only available online via Roberu’s site ( The next best option is to find a connect/friend in JPN who can help you get it. I hope i have been of some help to ya bro! ;o) Let me know when ya get it…

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