Ladies and Gentlecreatures with Indescribble

June 16, 2010


Indescribble, aka Laura Bath, will be hosting her own solo show, Ladies and Gentlecreatures at the new Iksentrik gallery space in Bath. She will be showcasing a wide variety of her paintings, prints, toys and plush pieces. To all Indescribble fans, this would be a great chance to meet the artist, get to know her and her works. Ladies and Gentlecreatures opens on July 10th so be sure to mark it on your calenders. Hit the jump for a quick preview of what to expect at the show.

2 Responses to Ladies and Gentlecreatures with Indescribble

  1. ummmmm says:

    umm last time i checked bath wasnt in london……

  2. Hoodlum to the rescue… all fixed! Thanks

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