Freshjive Dennis Hopper by Guy Webster T-Shirt

June 16, 2010


Freshjive have late released a t-shirt paying homage to the late Dennis Hopper. Here are some words from Freshjive’s Rick Klotz…

“Originally making a mark in the 50s alongside James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and Giant, he will always be remembered to me from the various colorful and unforgettable roles he played throughout his life: The photojournalist in Apocalypse Now, Frank Booth in Blue Velvet, the father in Rumble Fish, Clifford Worley in True Romance, Howard Payne in Speed, and countless others. He also directed the critically acclaimed Colors, and most notably, Easy Rider in 1969 which became the cinematic symbol of the 1960s, and which a film critic once noted that, “No other persona better signifies the lost idealism of the 1960s than that of Dennis Hopper.” Besides acting, Dennis was a prolific photographer, painter, and sculptor, while once known to be one of Hollywood’s most notorious drug addicts for 20 years.”

Photography by Guy Webster

Cop one at the Freshjive Website

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