Bruiser by Huck Gee

June 7, 2010


This is one of the biggest and meanest looking figures by Huck Gee to date and i am loving it. Bruiser as it is called weighs over 20 pounds and features a full size Munny. There are 10 figures in this set, each signed, numbered, comes with shown accessories and going for $1500 per figure. Limit one figure per customer.
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Sgt Vasquez dons “Bruiser” the Vlad Systems Vl.12 PowerSuit. The Dread Squad’s rock’em, sock’em, down and dirty, preferred method of minor mechanized destruction. The Vl.12 is one of the more customizable early military and private sector models from Vlad Systems. With variations designed for extreme environments, fire/rescue squads, general warfare, construction, and even zoology. And let’s not forget the annual Mech games on planet Makoto!

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