visvim Foley-Folk Cordovan Spring/Summer 2010

May 27, 2010

I love this video by visvim because it gives us great insight to the makings of their new Foley-Folk Cordovan. It shows us how the leather is produced and more. Each sneaker is actually custom made for the wearer, who’s foot will be measured and then the sneaker produced based on those measurements. Hit the jump to read what Hiroki Nakamura has to say about the Foley-Folk Cordovan.

For a while now, I have had an interest in making a Cordovan sneaker.
I first met Skip from Horween Leather Company several years ago. They exhibit a passion and pride in making quality Cordovan the way they have been for many years now.
I do not want to make a product with this special material that can be considered disposable once worn down.
After developing the Hand Sewn Goodyear Welt Construction for the FOLEY-FOLK, it is now possible to replace the outsole of the sneaker.
I wanted to make a product that would allow one to feel a sense of joy from being able to wear it a long time; a product that is fitted exactly to the size of the user’s foot.
We measure the feet of the actual user.
We utilize four lasts, footbeds with varying thicknesses of 2mm, and molded outsoles of varying width to create the most optimal fit.
It takes time and effort, but to be able to make a product while sitting face to face with my customer is very satisfying.
I would like to offer this kind of product to as many customers as possible.
I ask for your patience as I prepare.
Hiroki Nakamura.

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