Movie Review : Sin Nombre

May 19, 2010


Title: Sin Nombre
Genre: Drama
Director: Cary Fukunaga
Format: Feature film
Length: 96mins

Most of us can divide the line between right and wrong at quite an early age… but what is right? What is wrong? Well I guess that depends on your mental conditioning. In the gang ridden slums of Mexico loyalty is ‘right’ and it weighs higher than love, family and friendship. In the Mara gang dictatorship, undying devotion to your homies is all that matters. Sin Nombre tells the story of two subjects of Mexico’s hapless society ‘Sayra’ and ‘Willy’.


After living illegally in New Jersey, Sayra’s father returns to take Sayra over the border to provide a better life in the USA. Riding illegally on freight trains is the only way to cross the border. Only half the travelers make it over the border, most are caught by immigration or are victims of robbery. Although reaching the destination is uncertain, the risks are weighed out by the lack of opportunity in her current accommodation.


‘Willy’ has just introduced youngster ‘Smiley’ to the Mara gang. When ‘Willy’ has a run in with Mara leader ‘Lil Mago’ over his lover, things start to reshape. As the situation escalates, ‘Lil Mago’ orders ‘Willy’ and young ‘Smiley’ to help him rob immigrants on the freight trains, a moment that will change their lives forever.


Amidst the robbery the two teenagers meet, their impromptu loyalty and friendship causes Willy to leave the Mara gang… but there is only one way to leave to the Mara and that is in a wooden box.


Sin Hombre gives us real account to not only Mexican gang life, but the perils of the Mexican poverty line. Crime is second nature and fear is a unbeatable enforcement. It’s nice to see film that gives raw insight to the lawless society of Mexico’s unfortunates. The film is compelling from start to finish and is definitely worth checking out.

Fat Kids Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: 25th Hoodlum

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