Ricky Powell x West T-shirts

May 18, 2010

West Tees_6

This is a release not to be slept on… New York City based retail shop, WEST, teamed up with world famous photographer Ricky Powell to bring you a series of three limited edition tshirts. Each featuring shots of Mike Tyson, DMC from Run DMC and Ricky himself. Hit the jump to read about the story behind the pictures, video interviews and detailed images of the release. DOPENESS!

The Mike Tyson photo was taken at Studio 54 during a Public Enemy show the night after Tyson’s infamous street brawl with Mitch “Blood” Green in Harlem, circa 1988. Ricky snapped the picture of DMC, of Run DMC during the summer of 1987 in Hollis Queens, New York. Finally, the third image was taken in Venice Italy in 2000 when ricky was on a holiday. The tranquility, life and moment that is represented through each image is astounding.

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