Nike Stadiums – Heroes of Speed

May 15, 2010

As the worldcup approaches and the anticipation grows, sportswear giants around the world are gearing up for massive releases as well as promotional assets around their products. Today we came across the “Heroes of Speed” video from the Nike Stadiums campaign, which i have to say is a fantastic artist collaborative effort.
Hit the jump to read more about the project.

With the worldcup just around the corner sportswear companies are heating up and we see every week fantastic new gear, as well as promotional assets around the product. Today we come across the “Heroes of Speed” video from the Nike Stadiums campaign – a fantastic artist collaboration.

“Since 1998, the Mercurial has given players around the world a clear competitive edge. With every detail making a difference, the Mercurials technology and constant innovation has always pursed the worlds fastest and lightest boot design.

HEROES OF SPEED is a celebration of this decade of innovation – a tribute to our most gifted Mercurial athletes and the goals that have made them legendary – and a preview of what is to come.

In collaboration with the unique talents of Croatian artist, Danijel Zezelj, 10 of these memorable moments are recreated, bringing an unexpected dimension to football history. Sport illustrator Paolo Sabelluccis talents are showcased through the diagramming and construction of 10 goals that have made these Mercurial men Mercurial Heroes. In the following pages see Ronaldo, Ribery, Dani Alves, Drogba, Ibrahimovic, Arshavin, Ozil, Robinho, Pato and Cristiano Ronaldo as never before…

Enjoy. These are the Heroes Of Speed.”

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