Growing Necklace by Hafsteinn

May 7, 2010


Here is another dope necklace we like to introduce to everyone… the Growing Necklace by Hafsteinn. As part of the Growing Jewelry collection, Growing Necklace is a mix of jewelry and gardening, couture and organism. Like any plant, the necklace will need to be watered and nurtured to be at its best. For best results, it needs to be watered only once every 4-5 weeks. If properly maintained, the moss can stay green for up to 8 – 12 months. I Love this necklace! Its such an amazingly original concept… Hit the jump to see more images of the Growing Necklace by Hafsteinn.

One Response to Growing Necklace by Hafsteinn

  1. Billy Tea says:

    Can you grow ‘other stuff’ in it I wonder?

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