Giveaway: Scribe Outlined Shirt

May 12, 2010

scribe button up shirt

Yes folks its back!
Our latest giveaway comes from our friends at Scribe Outlined. To promote their latest winter collection, they are giving on lucky person the chance to own a dope Scribe Outlined shirt featuring 2 front pockets, Scribe logos on the front and back, custom buttons and black and white plaid overall pattern. All you need to do is, tell us why you need this shirt and finish this sentence: “Fat Kids are…”
Comment away fellow Fatties!
This competition has ended.

CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS going out to Ace Wagstaff for be’cum’ing the owner of this new rag! BRAP BRAAAAAP! Holla at us to collect your shirt.

32 Responses to Giveaway: Scribe Outlined Shirt

  1. Spleezy says:

    I need this shirt because the Cleveland Cavaliers are shit.

    Fat Kids are better than Ray Allen’s 3′s

  2. james chandler says:

    fat kids are gunna look schaweeet in this shirt

  3. james chandler says:

    i need it cause i dont have it

    fat kids are gunna look schaweeet in this shirt

  4. Kanye West's left nut.. says:

    Fatkids are defined as the illest organisation, focusing on providing the greatest discounts for the streetwear hungry tghtasses.

    A tightass like me needs this shirt so he can continue to brag to his mates, how awesome fatkids are. But don’t mistake me for a stan or a groupie. I’m just a tightass that is willing to go a thousand miles further than any stan or groupie would go…ahem.

    sincerley yours,
    Kanye’s left nut.

  5. NickLemon says:

    I need this shirt so the world can look at me and say daym he’s hot.

    Fat Kids always have fresh gear.

  6. hambini says:

    I need this shirt for my upcoming trip to Europe for 6 months later in the year and there is now way i can get this shirt in Australia.
    Fat kids are not wearing this shirt i am.

  7. I need this shirt because I have out grown my one and only shirt that reads “WWF”.

    Fat Kids are probably not going to let me win this shirt because my last sentence was awful.

  8. shanemac says:

    I need this T-shirt so i can dress up to watch & support GSP (Georges Saint Pierre) in his coaching role on the up-coming season of The Ultimate Fighter 12! He’s always stylish, a gentleman & the best pound for pound fighter in the biz of MMA!
    FAT KIDS are keepin’ it real & crackin’ heads like St.Pierre!

  9. Roger says:

    I needs this shirt cause im leaving my home, on a journey to start a new life, a fresh start, and this shirt is as fresh as they come, it will help me on my journey cause I won’t look like a bum living out of my car, i’ll be doing it in style.

    Fat kids are all city sticker kings.

  10. Kevoes says:

    I need this shirt coz it fresh to death and my cheap ass cant afford it otherwise id buy it ahahah

    “Fat Kids are…a little sugar, a little spice and a dollop of everything nice”

  11. Henri says:

    I need this shirt because i dont think chopping up my mum’s old plaid table cloths, and making shirts out of them will have the same effect as me winning this shirt.

    Fat Kid’s are keeping tightasses like me in style.

  12. cal says:

    i need this shirt because i am flat broke and would love one of these super fresh shirts.
    Fat Kids are their for me when its raining outside.

  13. Greg says:

    Fat Kids are always partying to hard and throwing their shirts off the William Jolly Bridge in Brisbane!

    Please can i have the shirt i dont really like it im just soo cold!

  14. Benjamin Franklin says:

    I need this shirt cause I’m currently lacking in any kind of buttonup swag that will make anyone want to give me a job. And you know you want me having a job, told you my ma started buying me condoms and I’m also quitting cigarettes, so all I’ll have to blow scrill on is cheeba. So you know, you can think of the giveaway as an investment.
    Fat Kids are sicker than a threesome with Rick Ross, Susan Boyle with a strap on and Maleik. Hahahaha

  15. ChrisL says:

    I don’t really need this shirt.
    However I would be stoked to own it. See here in Australia our Winter isn’t cold enough to don a complete sweater/hoody combo, instead a rad shirt would suffice nicely and give me the necessary ‘dope’ street credentials to continue my plight amongst the ‘hip’ crowd.

    Fat kids… must find this website pretty offensive.

  16. The Creep says:

    I don’t NEED this shirt but I want it. Give me the shirt, or don’t. I don’t care. Actually fuck your giveaway!

    Fat Kids are not going to give me the shirt and to be honest, if I was them I wouldn’t give it to me either. I’m a jerk.

  17. Ocir says:

    I want this shirt because I ain’t got no winter clothing to wear to make me the coolest kid on the block.

    Fat kids are always hungry for some new ish!

  18. Zen says:

    I need this shirt to go with my “tified” so i be looking so “Shirtified” in winter

    Fat Kids are so fat that when they ride a car they be riding solo

  19. Airz says:

    i need this shirt cause i didnt get the scribe REKAxPHIBS jacket.

    fat kids are….where im gunna apply for work experience.

  20. James says:

    Fat kids are the future.

    I need this shirt because it has long sleeves and it’s gonna help me keep warm and survive the winter. and it looks so dope too..

  21. Tony Timpano says:

    I need this shirt because I am freezing my nips off out here.

    Fat kids are delicious.

  22. Edward says:

    I need this shirt because i just started uni this year and the shit is killing me and leaving me with no more money to be like a fat kid anymore. I need more clothes so that i can be that slightly fatter kid who didn’t have that one outfit which he wore to the shops, to school, the park, the club, the gym, everywhere.

    Fat kids are too fat for their own good!

  23. raag says:

    i need this shirt because it’s fly and i’m fly. we’re a perfect match.

    fat kids are the illest villains.

  24. Ace Wagstaff says:

    I need this shirt cause all my others have be-’cum’ disgusting ‘happy-time-rags’… including the one I’m wearing.

    Fat Kids are better than AWESOME wrapped in PANCAKES.

  25. Spleezy says:

    Ima let you finish but Spleezy had one of the best comments of all time

    Fat kids are… ima let you finish but Spleezy had one of the best comments of all time

  26. Jacky Han says:

    I need this shirt so I can be fatter than you

    Fat kid are not fat if you all become one

  27. blacky says:

    i need this shirt so i can carry my durries in the top pocket like a tradie!

    Fat Kids are harder to kidnap!

  28. Airz says:

    spleezy has this shit man. even though i love the cavs, he has it. ray allen killed it today.

  29. Moeeeeezyy says:

    i need this shirt because centrelink aren’t giving me enough to buy me dope shirts such as this…..

    Fat kids are fatter den krispy kreme doughnut and more dope den a kid after 5 cones ;)

  30. NoObSsSss says:

    Fat Kids are soOoo CoOolll that when they jump foh joy they get stuck^^P


  31. NoObSsSss says:

    Lol woops i forgot i need it bcoz all my shirts are getting dirty coz of all da doughnuts i eat but if i get this shirt i be not getting it dirty foh sure

  32. Robbie says:

    I need this t shirt Because “it’s my party and ill cry if i want to you would cry too if it happened to you.”

    Fat Kid’s Are The freshest Kids this side of the yarra river :P

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