Armored Biofuel-Powered Knight XV SUV Adds More Than 60 Upgrades

May 2, 2010


There has been an on going battle between the Conquest KNIGHT XV’s and the €1million Dartz Monaco Red Diamond Edition for most luxurious SUV. Currently the The Red Diamond is leading, but to reclaim the title, Conquest has added more than 60 new security and luxury upgrades. This is definitely one SUV I would not want to mess with.

New upgrades include a turbo kit, a commercial-grade multi-link air-ride suspension system, a high-performance front brake system with 15.5-inch rotors and 12-pot calipers, a 24-inch vehicle extension package to fit all your friends and family, right-hand drive conversion to suit your country’s traffic norms, an onboard black-box system that constantly has the record button on and multiple layers of armor help push the KNIGHT XV’s weight to 12,000 pounds. This is only the beginning too…
Check out the image below for more details of the Knight XV SUV.

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