RockersNYC 2010 Fall/Winter “A New Day Rising” Collection (Maharishi, Actual Pain, Forfex Collab)

April 28, 2010


RockersNYV are releasing a massive range of collaborations with Maharishi, Actual Pain, Forfex this Fall/Winter. First up lets take a look at the collab with British streetwear giant, Maharishi. The release features two stadium jackets in Italian duffle wool and Maharishi’s signature Bonsai camo, along with two pairs of Maharishi’s Original Snopants, all comes with embroidered anarchal patches. Secondly, the collab with Actual Pain are tribute tees featuring Beavis & Butthead dubbed Total Mayhem and the last collab with Italian brand, Forfex, brings us two Space Boots styled shoes.
Hit the jump to see more details of this epic collection.

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