April 29, 2010


This is a public service announcement to all our Fat Kids brethren… As apart of the Aww Shit! Series campaign, the FK crew will be hitting the streets of Melbourne over the next few weeks with our camera crew to select people at random to take part in a series of dares. In return each participant will receive free product from our sponsors. But we need your help!

We have a few dares in mind but we wanted to put it out to you guys – our viewers – to come up with some crazy ass dares you would like to see people do. All you need to do is drop a comment below this post, hit us up on Facebook (facebook.com/fatkids), Twitter (twitter.com/thefatkids) or on email (iamafatkid@gmail.com).

We will go through the suggestions and select the ones we think are the most funny/crazy/awesome.
Expect to see the videos weekly over 3 weeks prior to the next Aww Shit event…

To kick start the series of dares, we have convinced Mr. Hoodlum himself to get a ‘BAW$$’ tattoo in his inner lip THIS SATURDAY – it’s locked in! It will be happening this Saturday 1st of May and we will try and film the whole thing, stay tuned…

In the meantime, start suggesting!




One Response to P.S.A. – ATTENTION ALL READERS!!

  1. luke thompson says:

    Mix milk and coke, I call it the chunkshake.

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