Fucked Up And Photocopied: The Instant Art Of The Punk Rock Movement

April 11, 2010


This is an awesome book which consist of awesome collections of flyers, posters, photos, and anecdotes from the North American punk scene from 1977–1985. Over 1,500 color photos and flyers have been uncovered to create this 240 page bible with additional commentary’s from Jello Biafra, Dez Cadena, Joe Carducci, Gary Floyd, Lars Fredrickson, Penelope Houston, Joe Keithley, Tony Kinman, Fat Mike, Keith Morris, Pushead, Al Quint, Marc Rude, Corey Rusk, Winston Smith, Shawn Stern, Mike Watt, and a whole lot more. The Fucked Up And Photocopied book is the epitome of an amazing book. The paperback edition is available now. Hit the jump to see some of the contents in the book.

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