April 12, 2010

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Hot Dogs + Party = AWESOME!

Fat Kids are back with another night full of greasy goodness and crazy shenanigans. After a SOLD OUT Fried Chicken and massive Aww Shit event, the Fat Kiddies are back with Hot Dogs, our third party for 2010.

Hot Dogs picks up where the others left off… with our own brand of music that is bound to make you scream a gang of drunk’n Hip Hop quotables.

The Hot Dogs party features Melbourne’s finest on the 1’s & 2’s. Track selectors include B.Two, 25th Hoodlum, Miss Butt, Spleezy and a special appearance from the chicken head slinging FAT FUCKS…

Did someone say “Free Hot Dogs”? I think we did! That’s right we will be providing free Hot Dogs all god damn night! Drink in one hand, Hot Dog in the other… seriously what more do you need?

Oh what? There’s more? Hells YEAH!! Fat Kids will be releasing 50 limited edition Hot Dogs memento t-shirts on the night. Each tee will be numbered and specially packaged. We think they will be worth a heap of scrilla in the future… so cop 2… keep one on ice and rock the other… hehe!

If you missed Fried Chicken in January or Aww Shit (Vol.1) in March… you definitely wont want to miss this glorious event in May.

More details:
Day: Friday
Date: 21st May 2010
Time: 10.00pm
Where: First floor. 393 Brunswick Street. Fitzroy.


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