BOOK for iPad & Macbook

April 1, 2010


A month of so ago i brought you a Hardcover Book look-alike Macbook case which was amazing in every aspect, and today i found another book look-alike cover for your beloved macbooks & iPad’s, this time its by BOOK. The BOOK Case is a hand-made to order cover that can be customized with your own text on the front. It features ever detail of a book (see pictures after the jump for more details) and is available for 13″ MacBook, MacBook Air, Kindle and iPad. Own one today for only $89. 3 thumbs up from Fat Kids. check out more images after the jump.

3 Responses to BOOK for iPad & Macbook

  1. Suz says:

    Would be a better design to have it so that you don’t have to remove the ipad/ kindle when u have to use it.
    It’ll actually look like your reading a book when ur using a digital book ^^;;

  2. brad says:

    So, where do we get these?

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