2012 Izh Hybrid Concept Bike by Igor Chak

April 24, 2010


I take my hats off to Igor Chak from Vladivostok for designing such an incredible hybrid concept bike. The 2012 boasts a massive 505 V-twin engine which is capable of generating 140 horsepower, its outer body and components are constructed from innovative and light materials to keep the weight nearly half than that of conventional motorcycles.
On top of that, a uniquely designed airbag system for ultimate safety that helps keep the bike straight and stable in case of a head-on collision. Safe, strong, fast and light… thats not all….
What is a concept bike without the integration of digital technology?
Igor’s 2012 Izh features a radar system integrated in the front with an in-built camera which allows it to be programmed to slow down when a car in front stops unexpectedly, an onboard computer connected to a 3D LCD screen which warns the rider of necessary maintenance required, real time GPS navigation ability and an augmented reality technology to make riding even more interesting and convenient. Additionally, it can wirelessly control a mobile device with major OSes like iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, Android, etc. on the bike’s main display.
The future is here.
Hit the jump to see more images of the 2012 Izh Hybrid Concept Bike by Igor Chak.

One Response to 2012 Izh Hybrid Concept Bike by Igor Chak

  1. David Zybin says:

    WOW!!! What an amazing creation! A work of art. Lean and mean work of art.

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