PIRATES!!! “The Curse of the Evil Eye” (short film)

March 2, 2010

This is a spectacular short film by Yves Geleyn and illustrator Remy Tornior.
It is a tale set on the high seas, about an epic battle of good against evil dubbed ‘Pirates!!! The Curse of the Evil Eye’.
Yves had been a fan of Remy’s work for a long time and in 2006, a joke about a Cyclops sparked the idea of the animation we see today. After 4 years of hard labour and averaging 52 seconds of animation a year, the Pirates short film is born.
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Press Release:

The concept of this piece was to mix the two worlds of Yves and Remy. With great attention to detail, Yves created the background and models, while Remy designed the characters. They bought two model ships on eBay, which Yves shot against a blue screen. Next, he meticulously added all the elements, animated Remy’s designs and composited everything together. Then, they turned to Francois Montmayeur, currently a musician at L’Opera de Lyon, to create an epic score and sound design to create a truly cinematic experience.

Yves took a realistic approach when it came to the voices: he wanted Dutch voices for the Dutch boat and a more international mélange for the pirate crew (Japanese, Brazilian, French, Danish). To achieve this, he recruited the help of all his director friends from around the world who played along and sent him a collection of voices to inhabit this nautical adventure. With humor, love and a good deal of patience, Yves and Remy are extremely excited to be able to share their short film, Pirates!!! The Curse of the Evil Eye.

Created & Directed by : Yves Geleyn & Remy Tornior
Music & Sound Design : François Montmayeur
Voices : Fons Schiedon, Henrik Kring, Laurent Nicolas, Paulo Muppet, Luciana Eguti, Pedro eboli, Antonio Linhares, William Iamazi Ferro.

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