Parlayin’ with Sket One

March 15, 2010


Hey Sket, hows Connecticut treating you today?

On this particular day, it’s snowing, again expecting 6” or so, After being in the New England region of America all my life, I’m over it and a move is well deserved!

Everyone has a morning ritual or habit in which they can’t shake…what is yours?

Coffee, good ole regular coffee


I’m sure you’ve got a heavy schedule on a daily basis, what does that usually involve?

Waking up and heading off to my day job where I am a senior Art director at marketing firm in New Haven, CT. I work on various clients from famous clothing labels to major league soccer teams to local hospital campaigns. After leaving that day job I come n cook dinner and get to work on customs, canvases, and anything else I could be cranking out at the moment.

Being a fan of hiphop and graffiti when you were growing up, how has that moulded you into the person you are today?

Graffiti has given me so much, culture, peace, art, patience and the love of typography and colors it’s given me life long friends and people that I have a bond with through the can, but the culture also has taken away some of those friends from beefs, to drugs to jealousy…I respect it and hold it very close to my heart as the building block to me and my career.


Your family must be really proud of you, what do they think of what you do?

I get some props here and there but for the most part the have been along for the ride
And know even if I weren’t doing what I am today I would be doing it in some way.

If given that chance to turn back time, what would be the one thing you would change in your life?

Every lesson in life is there for a reason, I don’t regret anything too much; I take the good from any situation and expand on my future with it.


Having been in the designer toy industry for so long, you’ve seen its evolution. What is your take on its progress & where do you think it’s going?

The progression is cool its cool to se it growing each an every single day, where it’s going I really have no cool when you think it’s dying down in one place it’s just getting started in other places, so we will see…

In every artist’s career, there is a moment where they look back and think,”Wow, I can’t believe that happened”, when was that moment for you?

For me is when I was in Christies Auction House POP ART Auction with my 20” custom Kong Dunny, this was in the same collection / lot as Walt Disney Andy Warhol and more….I was amazed to be in an auction with history makers, my idols.

wolverine king tut MASH

One of my favourite pieces from your collection is the 8” Ripple (theres also the Mad L collab and kidrobot “king tut” dunny). What are your favourite pieces from your own releases and why?

Ripple. I’m glad he saw the light of day and so glad I did him the way I wanted him to be. I wanted him to be a retro 1950’s gas station toy. I wanted him to be iconic and simplistic, and I got to do it. My vision actually came to life, I’m really happy about that. It’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. People think it looks like the Ghostbusters toy, or the Michelin man, or something else, and I’m thinking there smiling, that’s exactly what I wanted you to say. I created him to be a brand icon for myself. The fact that everyone tries to nail him down to another brand icon is hilarious because, that means I’ve done it, I’ve already brought you in! The Ripple stance is also the same as the Big Boy. I’m really, really happy with him.

I’m sure you’ve been really busy working on new releases, could you give us an insight to what’s on the horizon?

Right now I am working on releasing a custom run of 8” dunnys. One of which was just released last week and was sold out immediately. 10 pieces of “The swine flu edition of Bacon, There will only be 10 of this crazy doctor with his accessories…so grab em if ya can!


There has been a massive boom of online toy stores over the years and the internet has played a big part in that aspect. What are your thoughts on internet promotions and where do you see the online toy world going? And how has the internet affected you?

Growing larger and larger as it spreads globally. Online promotion is how I survive for the most part, through interviews like this and be active on social media sights, providing people a chance to see my work even if they are not local to the event.

I see you’re an avid gamer and stand up arcade collector as well. What have you got in your collection? And what else do you collect?

Those days have past I just sold my last 3 games. I have been trying to simplfy my stuff, getting down to the nitty gritty so when I do move I don’t have a lot of stuff to pack or to store, trying too make my life and surrounding very minimal.

baseball nypd MASH

All of us are fans of super human powers. If you were given a super power, what would it be and why?
To control time, to be able to enjoy the great parts and Fast forward through the bad ones.


For those who want to know where to keep up-to-date with your work and to purchase your releases, where would they be able to do so?

8" Ripple

Sket…Thank you so much for taking time off to your busy schedule to be with us today and sharing your thoughts on all things SUPER! We at Fat Kids are looking forward to seeing more greatness from your camp. Keep up the fantastic work and all the best!

Thanks man, appreciate this big time and if you EVER throw an event or anything of that sorts reach out, my dream is to come down under one day and would love the opportunity!

Words by Benny Teh

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