‘Online Piracy is Killing Your Favourite Artist’ AD Campaign

March 31, 2010


Late last year saw advertising agency Publicis India produce a series of ads to curb online music piracy and if you never got to see it, here it is. Hit the jump to view more details and full campaign. Support your favorite by purchasing their albums.

Advertising Agency: Publicis India
National Creative Director: Emmanuel Upputuru
Creative Directors: Vivek Nayyar, Vinay Kumari
Art Director: Siddesh Telang
Copywriter: Tejas Ravindranath
Additional credits: Madhukar Bonkar, Danica D’souza (Doll Artists)
Published: October, 2009

One Response to ‘Online Piracy is Killing Your Favourite Artist’ AD Campaign

  1. Billy Tea says:

    Sweeet…… Voodoo dolls! :D

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