GIVEAWAY: Coal Considered- The Landon Plaid Hat 2010

March 22, 2010


THIS GIVEAWAY HAS OFFICIALLY ENDED. (see winner announcement after the jump)

YES YES YA’LL…. we’re back with another giveaway and this time it’s from the nice people of coal considered. Since its Spring, Coal is giving one person the chance to win these amazing Plaid Landon’s which are part of their Spring ’10 collection. The person that has the most creative answer to ‘Why you need this hat?” will walk away with one hat richer. Competition ends 16th April 2010 12pm EST. So be quick and get your comments in now! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE entering!
Hit the jump for more images of the Landon Hat.

YES! we know we’re behind schedule with announcing the winner.. shit dudes!
we’ve finally picked a winner and * DRUM ROLLS *
CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSSSSSS going out to Tim Cruickshank!!!!
Hit us up to collect your new Coal Landon hat….boom bap!

11 Responses to GIVEAWAY: Coal Considered- The Landon Plaid Hat 2010

  1. Luke simS says:

    I need this hat to keep my crazy hair in control so I don’t have to stratton my hair every day haha

  2. NickLemon says:

    I need this hat to attract all the ladies. They’ll say DAYM that guys got style, and maybe they’ll like it so much it might distract them from my actual lack of hair.

  3. HaleySheriff says:

    I need this hat to contain all my fat creative ideas in my head. They keep seeping out and people keep stealing them for themselves. Help me Coal!

  4. damien says:

    i don’t need the hat give it to a hatless person

  5. I need this hat to serve yoko ono a single plum floating in perfume at my bar :D

  6. Kevoes says:

    I have a pet bald monkey who has trouble with the ladies this hat might give him the fly makeover he needs…. :)

  7. Justin says:

    To stop my head from exploding. We can see how this works, by using some simple formulas and physics.

  8. Mat says:

    I need this hat because I am 16 and already I have a receeding hairline…

  9. Henri says:

    I wish i had a sob story like having a little sister with no arms and no legs who was deaf, blind and mute, had 8 types of cancer and a boob on her forhead so i could play the pity card to win such a dope hat. but i dont. i just really did this hat and want to be a fatkid too…

  10. Ace Wagstaff says:

    In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth… and even that claim is dubious. Basically: “pics or it didnt happen”.

    Thankfully, one work of universal creative genius can be proven: the Landon Plaid Hat 2010 (notice that aforementioned hat has Title casing and ‘god’ does not? Yes. I am subversive).

    In short, I need this hat like I’m terminal: its salvation in style, the nirvana of headwear, the heaven of fashion, the vahalla of hats. gimmehatnaowkthxbai.

  11. Sam says:

    I would love this hat for so many reasons, I could give it to my bro who needs a little help in steppin’ his fashion up, I could give it to him as a birthday gift which will then save me some cash so I can then go and purchase my own supa cool hat like this.

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